Windstream UCaaS Office Suite and SD-WAN

Join us Tuesday, February 20th as Jennifer Cohen-Louth, Hersel Guerra, and Christine Dickson presents Windstream’s UCaaS Office Suite and SDWAN!

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Downtime, latency, constantly growing demand for bandwidth and a proliferation of cloud-based apps have paved the way for software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) – a more efficient, agile enterprise network alternative that offers a better foundation for voice, data and productivity enhancing, XaaS applications, such as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

In fact, 64% of U.S. based companies are in stages of planning to implement or expanding implementation from a traditional WAN to an SD-WAN solution in the next 12 months* to take advantage of superior performance and reliability, flexible connectivity and seamless, centralized management it provides. This makes it an ideal platform for rolling out latency sensitive apps involving voice and video, like UCaaS, that may have presented challenges for prior network designs.

SD-WAN benefits align with UCaaS/voice/video apps
With faster installation/provisioning times and improved cost/ROI, SD-WAN provides several benefits to the enterprise:

Optimized performance: SD-WAN routes traffic via business policies to enhance performance, reliability and customer/user experience – ideal for voice/video heavy apps

  • Flexibility/agility/scalability: Use broadband connections to provision new locations and add cloud-based services rapidly and easily
  • Cost efficiencies: SD-WAN delivers voice and video apps like UCaaS using any cost-effective, readily available transport method (broadband Internet, etc.)
  • Simplified management: Monitor and configure your entire network from a centralized orchestrator console based on real-time conditions and metrics
  • Security: Provides a virtual private network/VPN that delivers secure access to public, private and cloud paths

Boost Collaborative IQ with UCaaS, SD-WAN

SD-WAN enables optimized connectivity and efficiency across the network, even for the most bandwidth-intensive applications/resources. For anyone looking to implement UCaaS, this makes SD-WAN a natural complement.

Interest in applications that address the collaborative needs of increasingly distributed environments—enabling people to work together anytime, anywhere, on any device—has never been greater. That explains the broad appeal of UCaaS.

Now imagine UCaaS powered by SD-WAN, which offers real time, policy-based routing and Quality of Experience to optimize performance for critical apps. With SD-WAN, businesses can gain all the benefits of UCaaS – including screen and document sharing, presence, IM/chat, etc. – at a cost that can make it accessible for almost any branch location.

Deploying UCaaS over SD-WAN offers the stability and resiliency needed to run bandwidth-intensive, business critical apps such as voice or video conferencing that don’t typically tolerate latency or packet loss. The result is an enhanced experience for customers and end users alike, without dropped calls, or jittery video.

SD-WAN also simplifies management, providing centralized control over network devices and services from one console.

UCaaS + SD-WAN = CX success
The combination of UCaaS and SD-WAN can streamline business processes, increase productivity and optimize collaboration. From an IT management perspective, the benefits continue to add up, enabling you to minimize CAPEX and OPEX and ensure Quality of Experience (QoE) objectives. This is especially true when you use a single, experienced provider to help you leverage both.

And that’s just the beginning. The synergy gives IT the flexibility and tools to improve customer experience (CX), drive innovation and boost bottom line growth.