Disaster planning and recovery: Why & How

Are your clients really protected?

In case of a disaster, are you ready?
Stop in to see whether or not you and your office are prepared to deal with a true disaster should it hit one of yoru clients. We’ll be exploring numerous topics regarding this as well as sharing our stories, and how we managed to still stay “afloat” after a disaster hit.

Key takeaways:

  • What does a disaster plan look like? (small to mid-size businesses)
  • Having a written disaster plan/where to keep it/how to make it accessible
  • Past client problems, outcomes, and solutions (Hurricane Wilma)
  • Call re-routing
  • Portals
  • How to plan for and cope with clients and customers out-of-state when a natural disaster strikes Florida
  • PCI/POS compliance, paycheck processing
  • What to do after a disaster? (safety and policy check-list for returning to office/work)
  • Added value: how to monetize or add security/piece of mind for clients with a disaster plan
  • What do insurers look for? (EOL equipment,serial/service tag scanning, asset tracking)

Dinner will NOT be provided at this presentation. We will promptly start the meeting by 7:00 pm.

Our meeting this month will be at the Windstream Business Office, 7121 Fairway Drive, Suite 101, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

…and don’t forget our MAM (Meeting After the Meeting) where we continue our discussions!