About PBIT

Our Mission

The Palm Beach IT Association was created by IT Professionals to serve the needs of IT Professionals in Palm Beach County, FL. Join us to learn how to sell, deploy and manage IT solutions.


Our monthly meeting will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month starting @ 6:30pm.

The monthly meetings are a great opportunity for our members to get together, discuss the IT issues they face in the small to medium business market and to network, of course. Each meeting has an agenda that is announced in advance, giving everyone an opportunity to do some due diligence and seek answers from the experts presenting the material. Presentations are often done by the leaders in the IT field and the worldwide IT corporations so this is the way to both get the information and send feedback to the people that design the software we all use.

Meetings are a mix of business & technical discussions and are not open to general public.

All our meetings will be held at our Sponsor’s Location:

Windstream Communications
7121 Fairway Drive
Suite 101
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
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